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Can You Find the 7 Clues? 


Read the #1 Clue Card.  Then go to the Twelve-Picture Board Gallery located below the #1 Clue Card and click on the picture you feel best reveals the correction answer for the #1 Clue Card. You will be taken to a new page. Click the picture on top of the new page to reveal  the answer to the #1 Clue Card.  Then read  the overview of the Biblical Holiday.  Go to the bottom of the  page to the #2 Clue Card. Read the #2 Clue Card. Go back to the page with the  Twelve-Picture Board Gallery, wherein the process will start over again until all seven clues have been solved.


Your first clue item is a famous
orange squash.
And it is currently hidden in a place where you can go wash.

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